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Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray Coming Late May 2016

Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray Air Stocking

Vitiligo camouflage makeup spray easily covers up vitiligo and other skin imperfections including tattoos, bruises, port wine stains, and piebaldism.

Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray will be a new offering in the Recouleur® family of vitiligo products starting in late May 2016.

This full coverage makeup that lasts is good for men, women, and children. It comes in five skin tones. It’s water and perspiration resistant. It contains silk powder and moisturizers to give your skin a flawless finish. Air Stocking contains tea extracts and silk protein to moisture your skin while protecting from sun damage and dehydration. You just have to spray it directly on your skin. It will cover the majority of the marks, the bruises and spider veins, vitiligo. It is a spray on coverage makeup which can be used anywhere on the body and looks good on legs, feet, and arms. It will easily temporarily cover vitiligo spots as well as spider veins, bruises, tattoos, and skin imperfections. This formula combines hydrolyzed silk, a special blend of amino acids, and green tea extract (antioxidant and to firm legs). It is hypoallergenic. Air Stocking works like airbrush leg.

Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray or Air Stocking is removed with soap and water.

It is compatible with vitiligo treatments. Some people simply choose to use camouflage makeup every day or occasionally. Going to the beach or pool, wearing shorts or short sleeve tops can make people with vitiligo feel exposed. Air Stocking lets you enjoy seeing one color. Do not wear while undergoing phototherapy as the light will not reach the skin.

We’re working directly with the manufacturer to bring this wonderful camouflage makeup to you. More details about the arrival of this one step spray makeup to cover vitiligo and other skin imperfections will be announced soon!

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