Helping People with Vitiligo

Recouleur combines all of these in ONE daily tablet.
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Recouleur® Vitamins for Vitiligo

We know vitiligo from the inside out! Recouleur® vitamins for vitiligo support the reappearance of color in de-pigmented skin and gray hair. Just one daily tablet of Recouleur® Dietary Supplement may:

Recouleur® supports natural skin color from within by nourishing healthy skin pigment formation.

Why Do I Have White Spots (Vitiligo) on My Skin?

Vitiligo or leukoderma (also called leucoderma) is a condition where skin loses melanin – the pigment that colors skin, hair, and eyes. It’s characterized by bright white patches on the skin.

In 12 percent of cases, intense itching can occur at the site of skin depigmentation before a new vitiligo white spot develops. It can occur on any part of the body. It’s not contagious. It affects all ages, ethnicities, and genders. There is no cure for this skin depigmentation disorder. However, it is treatable. Vitiligo treatments can slow the progression of new white vitiligo patches appearing and induce repigmentation.

Do Supplements Really Help White Spots on Skin?

Vitiligo treatment vitamins are often prescribed by doctors to help stabilize the immune system in combination with other treatments when vitiligo is diagnosed. Studies show us that vitamin B-12 for vitiligo and vitiligo folic acid, for example, along with sun exposure, are also beneficial in supporting the reappearance of color in de-pigmented vitiligo skin.

Since multiple clinical studies have determined that B-12 for vitiligo supplementation works better when combined with folic acid, and copper and zinc have been shown to support cellular skin turnover, healing and free radical destruction, Recouleur® Vitamins combine the needed supplementation for vitiligo support in one unique formula.