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Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray Now Available!

Air Stocking for Legs and Body

Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray is a New Offering in the Recouleur® Family of Vitiligo Products

Recouleur® offers vitamins and products to help people with vitiligo announces the strategic addition of Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray to its ever-growing family of vitiligo products

PROSPECT HEIGHTS (June 2016) – Camouflage Makeup Spray is a new perfect complement to Recouleur®’s line of vitiligo products and will become part of a family of products used by patients and dermatologists in the management of the skin disorder vitiligo.  Camouflage Makeup Spray Air Stocking easily conceals vitiligo, spider veins, tattoos, bruises, port wine spots and all skin imperfections. There are five colors available.  Men, women, and children can use it. A full coverage one step spray makeup to cover up vitiligo simplifies applying corrective cosmetics by eliminating the need for tools, multiple steps and multiple products.  It’s easy to apply – just shake and spray.

Air Stocking for Legs and Body
Camouflage Makeup Spray Covers Vitiligo

A spokesperson for explained, “There are times when you want to take more vitamins because of stress in an effort to ward off this trigger of pigment loss.  There are other times when you want to cover up your vitiligo with camouflage cosmetics. We carried Camouflage Makeup Spray several years ago.  We’re thrilled at the return of this full coverage makeup spray that’s applied in one step. Our customers have been begging for it.”

Twelve years ago Recouleur® Dietary Supplement was launched as a convenient way to add the vitamins and minerals vitiligo sufferers are deficient in in one convenient daily tablet.  Created by Audrey VanStockum, a vitiligo sufferer, the company remains true to its mission of “Helping People with Vitiligo.”

About Recouleur®: Recouleur® is a Chicago based company founded in 2003 that is dedicated to helping vitiligo patients find supplements that help with their skin condition. Recouleur® products are used daily by vitiligo sufferers around the world. They also offer helpful tips and treatment information to guide people dealing with vitiligo. The site is regularly updated with new articles and resources together with the latest and best products and vitiligo supplements

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