Recouleur® Vitamins (180 count = 6 month supply)

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Recouleur® Dietary Supplement is a patented daily oral dietary supplement that fills in vitiligo vitamin deficiencies. It’s been dubbed the “vitiligo sufferer’s vitamin.” Scientifically designed, this proprietary formula includes the vitamins and minerals often lacking in vitiligo sufferers and can be an important part of treating vitiligo. Because it is natural, Recouleur® can be used alone or with a doctor prescribed treatment.

One jar contains a 6 month supply – that’s $16.49 per month.


12 Other Reviews

  1. I’ve been taking for a year. I haven’t notice any changes yet
    But I will continue to take. Because I’ve been under a lots of stress

    Beatrice M Burrell (verified owner)

  2. I was skeptical and was taking 15 different supplements and because there were so many I was not as religious in taking, switching to the recouleur 1 a day with a concentrated formula where you take 1 pill is actually so much better since it’s easier to be consistent! I did see total recoloring of a large spot on my arm and on my cheek. My hands stopped spreading although they haven’t filled in I am praying and hoping for miracle with this treatment still to come. You can’t hurt by trying it.
    I’ve taken all kinds of supplements over the years as well as my mother who has bad vitiligo and Recouleur® has been only thing that’s worked on me in combination with clobetasol. I’ve taken all kinds of supplements over the years as well as my mother who has bad vitiligo and Recouleur® has been only thing that’s worked on me in combination with clobetasol.

    What an awesome company!

    I had more vitiligo go away but unfortunately I didn’t take any before pictures of a quarter sized one on my cheek and a silver dollar sized one on my arm totally vanished! My sister took it for 1 month an had only 1 on her leg about size of silver dollar and it also went away, she is 24, I’m 28. You’re all the best!

    Gunnar Shaffer

  3. Great saver

    I noticed vitiligo spots on my hands 9 months ago. I searcher online and found the “recouleur “ vitamins. I started to take these vitamins until I finished the bottle.

    My vitiligo spots remained the same throughout that period. They didn’t get bigger or didn’t develop new spots.

    While I was giving a break from vitamins, my vitiligo sits got bigger in one month period. So had to purchase recouleur vitamins ASAP.

    I believe in those vitamins. They are unbelievably helpful.


  4. I use Recouleur daily
    I use the Recouleur® Vitamins daily now for about 3 months. Together with the use of Novitil twice a day and light therapy (sun or UVB) I see repigmentation in my face and even on my hands!

    I like the fact that you only have to take 1 tablet everyday and get the essential vitamins and minerals that vitiligo sufferers often lack.

    The combination of Novitil, Recouleur® and light therapy has become my daily treatment for vitiligo.

    Jeannette Kershof, owner of Vitiligoshop


  5. Make the Commitment
    Have been taking Recouleur vitamins off & on for past few years now, during my stint of not taking it I noticed the onset start up again and now have commited to this supplement for life to stop it in its tracks. Hopefull that a foolproof cure/fix is found someday.


  6. Great product
    I have only been using this vitamin for maybe a month and a half, and I am getting some really good results. I take the Recouleur vitamin with a multivitamin twice a day, and I am also using A handheld UVB lamp . I have been using the light treatment now for two years and the covers has been really slow, until I started using this product – Recouleur. I plan on Posting photos when I have made it to the three-month mark.


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Recouleur® Dietary Supplement is a patented daily oral dietary supplement. Here are some user success stories and testimonials

Our exclusive blend includes vitamin C, B12 and folic acid – all known to be deficient in vitiligo sufferers. One convenient daily tablet supplies these crucial vitamins and minerals plus more.

  • Serving size: 1 tablet
  • Servings per container: 6 month supply
  • Amount per container: 180 tablets
  • Price per unit: $.54 per tablet
  • Formulated for ages 14 – adults
  • Vegetarian
  • View ingredients

Directions: Take one tablet daily with a meal. Or, as directed by a physician.

Recouleur® Dietary Supplement Features Recouleur® Dietary Supplement Benefits
Contains the vitamins lacking in many vitiligo sufferers Fills in vitiligo vitamin deficiencies
One easy-to take daily tablet Convenient to take the vitamins you need
Supports your body Helps you get healthier
Created by a vitiligo sufferer Understands a vitiligo sufferers needs
Patented Proprietary blend exclusively for you
Blends the correct amounts of strategic nutrients Takes the guess work out of dosing


Vitamins for vitiligo can be the start of something good!