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Dermatologists Recommend Vitamins for Vitiligo

Dr. Perl Grimes recomends vitamins for vitiligo

There are dermatologists and doctors who recommend vitamins for vitiligo.

Dermatologists and doctors are recommending to their vitiligo patients to take vitamins as a help to vitiligo.

Dr. Pearl Grimes of the Vitiligo and Pigmentation Institute of Southern California (located in Los Angeles) also serves on the Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee of Vitiligo Support International, Medical Advisory Board of the American Vitiligo Research Foundation, recommends vitamins to her vitiligo patients along with a topical and phototherapy. Pearl E. Grimes, MD, FAAD is a globally recognized dermatologic expert and a leading international authority on vitiligo and pigmentation disorders.

Toronto, Canada based Dr. Ben Kim who has vitiligo himself, recommends dietary and lifestyle adjustments including supplementation. His experience with vitiligo started when he was 19 years old. He was in his second year of university. He feels that having vitiligo has given him the gift of being able to almost instantly identify and appreciate people who have extra compassion for others. It’s forced him to mature in ways that he may not have without it.

Dr. Leopoldo Montes, a dermatologist in Argentina, served on the Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee of Vitiligo Support International, currently serves on the International Medical Advisory Board of the American Vitiligo Research Foundation, and holds US patent 4,985,443 Method and Composition of Treatment Vitiligo with vitamins. The formulation for Recouleur® dietary supplement is backed by a patent US patent 7,368,131 and has much in common with Montes’ work. Montes’ research supports the use of vitamin therapy for vitiligo. His book Vitiligo: Current Knowledge and Nutritional Therapy is the culmination of 50 years of research and experience. Recouleur® makes it easy to take the recommended vitamins for vitiligo. This article first appeared in our April 21, 2015 newsletter.  Actually, Recouleur® has been dubbed the “vitiligo vitamin.”

Because it is natural, Recouleur® can be used alone or in combination with a doctor prescribed vitiligo treatment.

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  1. My son, 8 years old, and myself are suffering from vitiligo. We have been diagnosed about 2 1/2 years ago and have been researching information and trying various therapies since. One thing we have found out is that vitiligo is often found in context with various other auto immune diseases. As an example we have been diagnosed with celiac as well as histamine intolerance. Among others that again means that our liver has problems to convert passive vitamins into active ones which can be absorbed by our body. That again causes problems and pains. We had been on Dr. Thomas Matschurat’s medication (a combination of vitamins and micronutrients). We are still taking the supplements but replaced passive against the active vitamins. Now, we no longer have digestive problems. Combined with UV-radiation we were quite successful in gaining repigmentation. On recommendation of Dr. Matschurat we used the HelioVital filter film during our holidays last year. (There is a more comfortable sunshade solution, the HelioTent, available this year). It’s a special filter, filtering all negative/dangerous UV radiation, letting through only the positive radiation which is needed for repigmentation. We were astonished about the great result: My son had big vitiligo spots around the eyes. They were gone after the holidays. Because it is filtering all dangerous radiation, we did not need to apply sunscreen. Regarding the sensitive skin of vitiligo patients and the related high risk of allergic reactions, I really appreciate this (and even my non-vitiligo husband does, as he is not crazy about creaming!). So all in all we did not risk sunburn, even though we did have extensive exposure to sun. We made the most effective use of our holidays in the sun, precious time for intiating longlasting repigmentation and filling up our vitamin D depot – both of which cannot be achieved when using sunscreen.
    To sum up, from my experience it is a combination of diet, taking extra vitamin/supplements (Vitamin B 6, B 12, zinc, etc.) and exposing yourself to sun. For the latter I can really recommend the filter. Although I know that repigmentation cannot work without exposure to sun, I was always afraid of the higher risk in skin cancer when exposing to sun. And especially if you are trying to find an effective, yet responsible way to treat your own child one has to think about this issue…

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