BOGO Buy One Get One FREE on our Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray

What is Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray? Envision a spray-paint can that mists skin colored foundation onto your body. To apply shake the can, spray it on your skin, let it dry. Done. Good for men, women, and children. Complete coverage in one step. 5 colors. Can be used anywhere on the body – legs, feet, […]

I Was Skeptical

I was skeptical and was taking 15 different supplements and because there were so many I was not as religious in taking, switching to the Recouleur 1 a day with a concentrated formula where you take 1 pill is actually so much better since it’s easier to be consistent! I did see total recoloring of […]

B12 and Folic Acid for Vitiligo

Studies prove B12 works better with folic acid to help vitiligo Clinical studies prove B12 for vitiligo supplementation works better when combined with folic acid. We’ve incorporated the two, plus copper and zinc, into a formula specifically for those with vitiligo. Get the nutritional therapy needed to support the reappearance of color with Recouleur® Vitamins. […]