Helping People with Vitiligo

Vitamin Deficiencies in People with Vitiligo

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Vitamin Deficiencies Found in Vitiligo

There are a number of studies which identify vitamin deficiencies in vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disease that is characterized by white spots on the skin. The white spots happen due to the lack of melanin in the skin. No one knows why vitiligo happens but medical researchers have related this disease to an autoimmune disorder. Other causes of vitiligo could be the result of genetics, oxidative stress, neural problems or the body’s lack of specific vitamins.

Researchers have conducted test studies on patients with vitiligo. One result these studies reveal is that people with vitiligo often lack certain key vitamins. The primary vitamins that they consistently lack is B12, folic acid, vitamin C, copper and zinc. Each of these essential nutrients play a key role with the health of the skin and its ability to produce color.

Each of these different vitamins also helps to stabilize a person’s immune system. Vitamin B12 is an important substance for the skin. The reason being is that vitamin B12 regulates metabolism which in effect helps the skin.

All of the missing vitamins and can be reintroduced back into a person’s system naturally or with the use of dietary supplements. To make it convenient, Recouleur® put the missing vitamins into one tablet. People who suffer from vitiligo can start taking Recouleur® Dietary Supplement to help try and restore vitamins back into the skin.

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