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Combination Therapy for Vitiligo Treatment


Combination Therapy to Treat Vitiligo is Using Two or More Vitiligo Treatments

Using two or more vitiligo treatments at the same time, is combination therapy. Although vitiligo is not curable, it is possible to slow the effects of this skin pigment disease, as well as reverse some of the loss of pigment in the skin. It is helpful to use a combination of treatments, such as a doctor-prescribed treatment along with a natural vitiligo treatment; in fact, it has been proven that patients often have the best repigmentation results when they choose combination therapy.

Studies have shown that vitiligo is often linked to deficiencies in certain vitamins. One natural vitiligo treatment option for sufferers can be certain vitamin and mineral supplements. Recouleur® vitamins for vitiligo are designed to balance out the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are often present in vitiligo patients. Taking this natural vitiligo treatment along with doctor-prescribed treatments, such as phototherapy or topical creams, can help to both slow the progress of the disease as well as add pigment back to the skin.

For example, phototherapy can be used in conjunction with vitamins for vitiligo. Data has shown that phototherapy by itself can reduce a person’s level of riboflavins, carotenoids, vitamin E, and folate. While this doctor-prescribed treatment may be help treat vitiligo, it can also be contribute to the deficiencies associated with the disease. Therefore, taking supplements of these vitamins and minerals while undergoing phototherapy vitiligo treatment will ensure that patients maintain a normal level of these important vitamins and minerals. When used in combination, this natural vitiligo treatment has shown to cause repigmentation in vitiligo patients.

In a study by Juhlin and Olsson, out of 100 patients who were given oral supplements of folic acid and vitamin B12 and were encouraged to also use phototherapy to treat vitiligo, more than half experienced repigmentation. In a 2006 study, nine patients underwent phototherapy sessions while also taking regular doses of vitamin B12, vitamin C, and folic acid. All of the patients involved in the study experienced either good or excellent results at the end of 2 to 8 months.

A healthy, natural vitiligo treatment is to take vitamins made specifically to supplement for the deficiencies often found in vitiligo sufferers. By taking a regimen of Recouleur® vitamins along with other treatments prescribed by a doctor, such as phototherapy, patients can not only slow the progress of vitiligo, but also experience repigmentation in their skin.

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