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My Vitiligo Story and the Recouleur® Story

Audrey Recouleur Creator

I suffered with vitiligo for many years before getting an accurate diagnosis. Compounding my dermatological issues were comorbidities

I was misdiagnosed with eczema, when I was actually suffering from psoriasis. During the course of 14 years, I visited seven dermatologists, a nutritionist, six general practitioners, three acupuncturists, a homeopath, four chiropractors, and a chiropractor-naprapath – a total of 23 clinicians. I was told many things, all of which reflected attitudes that seemed quite apathetic. In retrospect, I believe this was due in large part to a paucity of information and specialized training.

Determined to find a solution, I read as many medical books and scientific articles as I could find on the subject. Interestingly, I uncovered research published as early as 1945 that showed the efficacy of specific vitamins and nutritional therapy for treating vitiligo. It was extremely confounding that so many of the healthcare providers I encountered knew so little about any treatments for vitiligo, despite the existence of published research.

I started taking a blend of vitamins and minerals, experimenting until I discovered a combination that slowly restored some color to my hands and to my feet. After years of frustration in seeking answers for my own case of vitiligo, I became a researcher in the field of nutritional therapy. I established Supernatural Health, Inc., with the goal of developing a safe nutritional supplement for the treatment of pigment loss and gray hair associated with vitiligo. This ultimately led to the development of the Recouleur® dietary supplement with a National Science Foundation grant under the auspices of Northwestern University. Upon fulfilling all FDA requirements, Recouleur® had its market launch in 2004. A patent was awarded in May 2008 for Method and composition for treating hypopigmentation of the hair and skin. The patent award validated our work in the area of the best supplements for vitiligo.

If you do one thing for your vitiligo, take Recouleur® dietary supplement.

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  1. Hi can you tell me if kids can take this vitamins my son it’s 8 yrs old and I’m so desperate to look for a solution, can someone give me advice thank you!!

    1. Recouleur® is formulated for ages 14 years old on up. We have some customers who give their 8 year olds 1/2 tablet daily.

  2. I have had vitiligo for over 25 years. Can these vitamins be prescribed by prescription ? They are quite expensive .

    1. Recouleur® Vitamins are not available by prescription. A 6 month supply of Recouleur® costs $97.99. Most vitiligo treatments take 2-3 months to see if they will work for you. Vitamin deficiencies are ongoing. That’s why Recouleur® is packed in a 6 month jar.

  3. I have tried the Recouleur vitamins for 6 months just reordered my second bottle. I also use cream prescribed by a dermatologist. I have noticed an increase in pigmentation since I began taking Recouleur vitamins for my vitiligo. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

      1. Hi Vic,

        Hopefully Jason Rose will get back to you with the cream he is personally using for his vitiligo.

        There are many creams and topicals that help vitiligo. Some of them are:
        • Pseudocatalase
        • Protopic
        • L-Tyrosine
        • Coal tar
        • Walnuts
        • Corticosteroids
        • Dead Sea minerals

        We’re here to answer any questions!

        1. Hi Annemarie,

          Recouleur® fills in vitiligo vitamin deficiencies. Some people will also experience new color. Because people are different, this may not happen for everyone.

        2. Hi Annemarie,

          It can take 3-6 months to see results with any vitiligo treatment. That’s why Recouleur® is packed in a 6 month jar.

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