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Question: How much do you know about Vitamins and Vitiligo?    

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Audrey started the Recouleur® company in 2003 which is dedicated to helping people with vitiligo. Today, Recouleur® offers a range of vitiligo products.

In 2003, she went to see a doctor about what she thought was eczema.  She also had vitiligo at the same time. He took her word for it and never looked at the affected skin.   After the prescription cream he prescribed did not improve her eczema, she returned to see him.  This time and for the first time he looked at her skin and said “Oh you don’t have eczema, you have psoriasis.”  He wrote her a different prescription cream.  He also told her that nothing could be done for her vitiligo.  At that time, Audrey knew of at least four different vitiligo treatments. She left that office feeling angry.  As she walked down the street, she thought to herself that this doctor did not really try.  The problem seemed like laziness.  Applying yourself is the gap between the problem and the solution.  Audrey decided to apply herself to seeking answers for her vitiligo. Her emotions fueled her determination.  She started reading and researching about vitamins for vitiligo.

A 2003-2004 research grant from the National Science Foundation, under the auspices of Northwestern University, helped enable development of a vitiligo vitamin supplement. Her vitamin formulation was awarded a patent for Method and composition for treating hypopigmentation of the hair and skin in May 2008. This formulation is embodied in Recouleur® dietary supplement which had its market launch in 2004.

As word spread she became a speaker at international vitiligo conferences. The first one was in 2004.

Listen to hear the rest of Audrey’s vitiligo journey and how Recouleur® Vitamins for Vitiligo got started and grew to being sold in over 60 countries.

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