Helping People with Vitiligo

Remember Nashville Mom Scarlet and Her Son Leo? Well Leo’s vitiligo is doing great with Recouleur®

Leo with his Recouleur that helped his vitiligo

Remember Nashville Mom Scarlet and Her Son Leo? Well Leo’s vitiligo is doing great with Recouleur®.

We first wrote about Nashville Mom Scarlet and her son trying Recouleur® vitamins for vitiligo in October 2020.

Since then Leo has continued to take Recouleur®.  Mostly daily but sometimes he forgets. His vitiligo started after he tripped while running.

Read about their findings and Leo’s progress in Scarlet’s Family Focus blog.

Mom Scarlet and son Leo are very happy with the improvement to his vitiligo skin condition. “We are very happy with Leo’s progress. I feel so glad to know that Recouleur® is providing my son with the nutritional support he needs.”

Here are photos of his vitiligo skin from September 2020 and April 2021.

Leo's vitiligo improves with Recouleur

We are so very happy for Leo.  Because people are different, this may not happen for everyone. It is still an important part of healing. Please read the following to better understand the role of vitamins and vitiligo. Recouleur® is a Dietary Supplement with a patented formula that fills in vitamin and mineral deficiencies commonly found in people with vitiligo.  While this mother and son are aware that not everyone will experience repigmentation from vitamins alone, they are pleased with Leo’s nutritional needs being meet and seeing his vitiligo stopped spreading.

The earlier that vitiligo is treated the better chance one has at repigmenting. We’re glad that Scarlet started researching vitiligo, vitiligo treatments, and was tuned into the importance of nutrition for vitiligo – especially for a young person who’s body is still growing and developing. The convenience of having the various vitamins that are commonly deficient put into one tablet versus taking each one separately makes it easy. Plus one does not need to research how much of each ingredient to take.  Recouleur® has done that for you!  It’s as easy as taking one tablet daily with a glass of water with a meal then go outside and play!

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