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Skin Deep Quick Quiz

Skin Deep Quick Quiz

How important is the emotional factor in your vitiligo or skin issue? The more of these questions you answer yes, the more significant the factor.

Ask yourself:

1. Do your symptoms get worse–or better–with emotional turmoil?

2. Is your condition more stubborn, severe, or recurrent than your doctor expects?

3. Are usually effective treatments not working for you?

4. Do most treatments work but not for long?

5. Is each disappearing symptom quickly replaced with another?

6. Do your symptoms get better or worse in a very erratic, seemingly nonsensical way?

7. Do you see striking ups and downs in your symptoms with changes in your social environment: vacations, hospitalizations, business trips, or the comings of family members or bosses?

8. Do people find you strikingly stoic, unruffled, or computer like in the face of stressful life events?

9. Is your level of distress and concern about the problem strikingly high or conspicuously absent?

10. Is your skin worse in the morning, suggesting that you rub or scratch unintentionally at night?

11. Do you have trouble following your health care provider’s instructions?

12. Do you do things you know will hurt your skin, such as squeezing pimples or overexposing yourself to sunlight?

13. Do you feel excessively dependent on your dermatologist or excessively angry with him or her? (Even if the faults are real, are you overreacting?)

14. Does it seem that others notice improvements in your skin before you do? Is it hard for you to acknowledge when your skin has improved?

The more of these questions you answered positively, the more likely a candidate you are for the Skin Deep program – research-based techniques from a Harvard Medical School Psychologist.

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  1. Yes I being had Vitiligo when I was young person.
    It the first time I’ll take the vitamin vitiligo tablets

    1. It probably feels good to do something about your vitiligo after having it so long. We’re here to support you on your journey.

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