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From: Original price was: $124.99.Current price is: $100.24.

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Recouleur® Vitamins (180 count = 6 month supply)

Recouleur® Dietary Supplement is a patented daily oral dietary supplement pill that fills in vitiligo vitamin deficiencies. Our propietary patented formula includes B12, folic acid, magnesium, plus the many vitamins and minerals often lacking in vitiligo sufferers and can be an important part of helping vitiligo. Because it's organic, Recouleur® can be used alone as a natural home vitiligo product or along with a doctor prescribed treatment.

One jar contains a 6 month supply - that’s $16.66 per month.


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Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin

Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin by Ted Grossbart

Dermatology has made remarkable strides in recent decades, with the advent of high-tech aids such as lasers and cryosurgery and new wonder drugs such as steroids and vitamin A derivatives; thus, many skin sufferers have been cured by their physicians.

Yet many have not. If you have brought your persistent eczema, your stubborn warts, your psoriasis or other distressing skin ailment, to specialists and superspecialists, and if all the creams, lotions, and medications have failed to help, you must wonder if there is something else – and ardently hope there is. This is exactly what Drs. Grossbart and Sherman address in their paperback book “Skin Deep”. Dr. Ted Grossbart is a leader in the field of psychodermatology. Recouleur® creator and Dr. Ted Grossbart were keynote speakers at a vitiligo support conference. See the picture and read more details.

Recognize stress in your life, learn to reduce and control it, understand how it can exacerbate vitiligo and other skin conditions. “Skin Deep” by Ted Grossbart is a mind body program for healthy skin.

  • Softcover
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 0929173112
  • ISBN-13‏: ‎ 978-0929173115
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