Helping People with Vitiligo

Recouleur® Supports VITFriends Book Drive to Educate about Vitiligo in Schools

Vitiligo book drive for schools and libraries

Recouleur® donated books to VITfriends book drive.

We’re so happy to have contributed to VITFriends’ book drive! We donated copies of our latest vitiligo book The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo. All books were shipped to VITFriends who then distributed all the vitiligo books they collected to schools in order to build their libraries and educate about vitiligo. The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo is now in 55 school libraries across the United States. Our hope is this vitiligo book provides new vitiligo treatment information and is an educational tool.

The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo is an in-depth review of vitamins key to vitiligo and provides invaluable insights and guidance on effective ways to treat this skin pigmentation disorder. It cites studies including a 1931 case as the forerunner to vitamin therapy for vitiligo. It can be read for home vitiligo treatment.

Discussion of vitamins important to overall skin health, how they influence pigmentation, protect against oxidative stress, and factor into vitiligo plus the best vitamins for vitiligo.

Since our inception in 2003, we’ve worked with numerous vitiligo support groups and foundations around the world. We’re glad to support public awareness about vitiligo.

These books were written by a woman with vitiligo as well as our flagship product Recouleur® dietary supplement was created for vitiligo by a woman with vitiligo. It is not a cure for vitiligo. We understand the emotional turmoil that sometimes comes with being diagnosed with vitiligo. The purpose of our company is that we hope you feel confident while providing you with vitiligo products. We share our knowledge to empower our clients to take control of their health with nutrition and lifestyle choices that best support their idea of who they want to be and feel. We believe that confidence = beauty.

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