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Caroline has had Vitiligo Nearly 50 Years

Vitiligo on Mouth

Caroline has had vitiligo nearly 50 years. She successfully repigmented through supplementation with vitamins and UVB light treatments.

She shares her vast knowledge on the natural treatments she used for her vitiligo and her experiences on her blog  The use of two treatments at the same time is called combination therapy. The studies behind the effectiveness of combining these two therapies at the same time and more can be found in our new book The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo by Audrey VanStockum. Taking dietary supplements such as Recouleur® and using phototherapy is a research backed approach to vitiligo treatment that has yielded some good results. Recouleur® makes it easy to know which vitamins to take for vitiligo.

Caroline’s positive mental attitude is contagious.  Thank goodness vitiligo is not!

Having vitiligo, not knowing the course of this skin pigmentation disorder, struggling for good vitiligo treatment information can be discouraging. Be inspired by these positive pointers from her vitiligo blog:

If you have vitiligo, don’t put your life on hold.  One day more effective treatments will be freely available. But, until then, my advice to everyone looking for vitiligo solutions is:

1.     stay cheerful and get on with life;
2.     try my protocol (or any other non-risky treatments that have been proven to be effective);
3.     support each other, because no one else really knows what it is like to have this condition.

Vitiligo on Mouth
Photograph of vitiligo on mouth

Her recent blog post reviews our new book The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo. She shares her personal insights as a person trying out natural vitiligo treatments long term ultimately repigmenting her vitiliginous skin through blending dietary supplements and light therapy.

In the FAQs on, we talk about repigmentation and taking vitamins “Because people are different, this may not happen for everyone. It is still an important part of healing.”

Caroline furthers this “Of course, there are no guarantees with any vitiligo treatment, so I have no idea if the virtually total re-pigmentation I have achieved is possible for everyone. But perhaps my experience will at least offer some encouragement to others who may have given up hope of ever seeing their natural skin colour return. “

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  1. I began the journey of vitiligo 38 years ago. I consider it a blessing in disguise to have completely digmented due to spotted skin. I would love to try the product since it is apparently natural vitamins but I wouldn’t want to end up with partial pigmentation. As a Christian I am most thankful for life but also, realistically I hate standing out so pale in summertime & so noticeable in photos. Any encouragement is appreciated.

    1. Hi Caroline my name is Carolyn and I too have did a lot for almost 50 years I am 55 and I’ve had the let go for the past 40 years I am interested in learning more about the vitamin therapy can you email me back

      1. Hi Carolyn,
        Recouleur® is the patented formula of vitamins and minerals created by a vitiligo sufferer.

        Recouleur® will:

        • Support your body
        • Set the stage for repigmentation
        • Help you get healthier
        • Combine the vitamins you need in one tablet

        This is an overview of how vitiligo vitamin therapy works. What questions do you have?

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