Vitiligo Vitamin & Book Bundled Offer – Save $20

Recouleur and Skin Deep work together for vitiligo

Buy 1 jar Recouleur® Vitamins and get the book Skin Deep: A Mind / Body Program for Healthy Skin for $5.

Skin Deep presents a new way to deal with skin disorders via psychodermatology.

Stress can exacerbate vitiligo or even trigger an outbreak of white patches. Recognize stress in your life, learn to reduce and control it, understand how it can exacerbate vitiligo and other skin conditions.

Author Ted Grossbart has been a keynote speaker at vitiligo conferences alongside Recouleur® founder Audrey VanStockum.  Regular price $25.21, this book is $5 when you buy 1 jar Recouleur®. That’s a $20 savings!

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