Dermatologists Recommend Vitamins for Vitiligo

Dr. Perl Grimes recomends vitamins for vitiligo

There are dermatologists and doctors who recommend vitamins for vitiligo. Dermatologists and doctors are recommending to their vitiligo patients to take vitamins as a help to vitiligo. Dr. Pearl Grimes of the Vitiligo and Pigmentation Institute of Southern California (located in Los Angeles) also serves on the Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee of Vitiligo Support […]

Book Overview: Skin Deep by Dr. Ted Grossbart

Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin Book

Skin Deep by Ted Grossbart Book Review In Skin Deep, Dr. Ted Grossbart, along with Dr. Carl Sherman, a new way to deal with skin disorders is addressed, based on a new medical field: psychodermatology. Within this field, skin disorders are treated both physically and psychologically, due to the fact that many patients who are […]

Recouleur® raises funds for vitiligo support groups

Black woman with vitiligo

We’ve helped numerous vitiligo support groups over the years. Hosting a vitiligo conference or event? We’ll make an in kind donation for your raffle or fund raiser. Need a sponsor? Contact us. Need a speaker? We’ll share our knowledge. Need financing? Let’s talk. We’ll work together to find a win-win solution. Email us at […]