Remember Nashville Mom Scarlet and Her Son Leo? Well Leo’s vitiligo is doing great with Recouleur®

Leo with his Recouleur that helped his vitiligo

Remember Nashville Mom Scarlet and Her Son Leo? Well Leo’s vitiligo is doing great with Recouleur®. We first wrote about Nashville Mom Scarlet and her son trying Recouleur® vitamins for vitiligo in October 2020. Since then Leo has continued to take Recouleur®.  Mostly daily but sometimes he forgets. His vitiligo started after he tripped while […]

Why Do I Have White Spots On My Skin?

Ogo vitiligo on head and hand

Not all white spots on your skin are vitiligo. There are a variety of reasons for white spots on skin.  They could be any of these: tinea versicolor (fungus) guttate hypomelanosis (sunspots) pityriasis alba (vestige from eczema) vitiligo White spots on the skin are the absence of melanin – the pigment that colors the skin. […]

A Nashville Mom’s Vitiligo Story

Family Focus Blog Leo Likes Recouleur for His Vitiligo

Meet Scarlet. Her son Leo was diagnosed with vitiligo at age three.  And so began her quest to find something to help his skin condition.   Her research lead her to a vitiligo sufferer who suggested Recouleur® vitamins.  She loves that Leo is getting the nutrition he needs to support his body’s pigmentation process. Read about her […]

My Vitiligo Story and the Recouleur® Story

Audrey Recouleur Creator

I suffered with vitiligo for many years before getting an accurate diagnosis. Compounding my dermatological issues were comorbidities I was misdiagnosed with eczema, when I was actually suffering from psoriasis. During the course of 14 years, I visited seven dermatologists, a nutritionist, six general practitioners, three acupuncturists, a homeopath, four chiropractors, and a chiropractor-naprapath – […]