Listen to Recouleur® creator Audrey VanStockum on Vitfriends Radio Podcast

VanStockum Guest on Vitililgo Blog Talk Radio

JOIN Valarie Molyneaux and special guest Audrey VanStockum LIVE on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 @ 12noon EST or LISTEN later. Question: How much do you know about Vitamins and Vitiligo?     The recorded podcast will be available after the live interview. Audrey started the Recouleur® company in 2003 which is dedicated to […]

Why Do I Have White Spots On My Skin?

Ogo vitiligo on head and hand

Not all white spots on your skin are vitiligo. There are a variety of reasons for white spots on skin.  They could be any of these: tinea versicolor (fungus) guttate hypomelanosis (sunspots) pityriasis alba (vestige from eczema) vitiligo White spots on the skin are the absence of melanin – the pigment that colors the skin. […]

I Was Skeptical


I was skeptical and was taking 15 different supplements and because there were so many I was not as religious in taking, switching to the Recouleur 1 a day with a concentrated formula where you take 1 pill is actually so much better since it’s easier to be consistent! I did see total recoloring of […]

Caroline has had Vitiligo Nearly 50 Years

Vitiligo on Mouth

Caroline has had vitiligo nearly 50 years. She successfully repigmented through supplementation with vitamins and UVB light treatments. She shares her vast knowledge on the natural treatments she used for her vitiligo and her experiences on her blog  The use of two treatments at the same time is called combination therapy. The studies behind […]