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Book Overview: Skin Deep by Dr. Ted Grossbart


Skin Deep by Ted Grossbart Book Review

In Skin Deep, Dr. Ted Grossbart, along with Dr. Carl Sherman, a new way to deal with skin disorders is addressed, based on a new medical field: psychodermatology. Within this field, skin disorders are treated both physically and psychologically, due to the fact that many patients who are affected by skin diseases also have related psychological problems that directly affect their disorder. Dr. Ted Grossbart is a licensed clinical psychologist, as well as a member of Vitiligo Support International’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee.  He was first introduced to the idea that psychological treatment could be combined with physical treatments when he was in graduate school, but he didn’t become involved with psychodermatology himself until years later. Now, he is a leading expert on the subject and uses it often to treat his patients with skin disorders.

Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin Book
Pyschodermatology expert Dr. Ted Grossbart authored Skin Deep along with Dr. Carl Sherman

The book Skin Deep: A Mind Body Approach to Healthy Skin first takes an in-depth look at the skin itself, looking at how it responds to the world. Even though skin disorders are physical, flair-ups and symptoms can be caused by emotional stimulants. Just as other organs in your body respond to stimulants, your skin does as well. It is important to listen to what your skin might be trying to tell you about other aspects of your life, including stress levels.  Dr. Grossbart explains that if you truly want to understand your symptoms, then it is not enough to only regard them as symptoms of a disease. He says that by looking at why your skin behaves in certain ways, along with when and where the symptoms occur on your body, you can see a bigger picture. You can then track and use patterns in order to better understand your disorder and yourself.

In the next section, Grossbart goes on to explain different exercises and techniques you can use to try to change the way you think, including self-hypnosis and relaxation. Achieving these altered states of mind can help you control stress and anxiety, which can improve your mental well-being and allow you to take more control of your body. He includes many different exercises and techniques so that readers can figure out what works best for them. Once you can gain the control over your mental state, you can begin to see progress with the physical symptoms of your skin disorder.

The third section of the book discusses some of the signs of progress of these treatments, which may look different than the quick results of some medicinal approaches. Also, in some cases, patients are not willing to let go of their symptoms for psychological reasons they may not even realize, and this subconscious desire to maintain their disorder could actually stop the treatment from being effective. Grossbart looks at what he calls “ghosts” that may be affecting a patient’s progress. The final section of the book is a directory that contains more specific information about the different skin disorders.

Recouleur® Founder Audrey VanStockum and Skin Deep Author Dr. Ted Grossbart
Recouleur® creator Audrey VanStockum and Dr. Ted Grossbart were keynote speakers at a Vitiligo Support conference

Dr. Grossbart has been the keynote speaker at Vitiligo Support International Conferences in Chicago and Los Angeles, along with Recouleur® founder Audrey VanStockum, who discussed which vitamins are helpful in treating vitiligo and why, along with other lifestyle and natural vitiligo treatment tips for those with vitiligo. Like Grossbart, Recouleur® is ultimately concerned with getting patients the kind of treatment they need in order to combat their skin disorder, which is why Recouleur® strongly recommends this book for those who have tried traditional vitiligo treatments with no avail. Recouleur® is the sole source for Skin Deep, and books can be ordered directly from its website.

The Mind Body Skin Connection


Skin Deep by Ted Grossbart is the Expert Source on the Mind Body Skin Connection

According to Skin Deep by Ted Grossbart, there is a connection between the skin and the mind. The relationship between the skin and the mind is something that most people take for granted or do not consider at all. Many people blush when they are embarrassed or sweat when they are nervous, but these are just small examples of the powerful connection between the two organs. For those suffering from skin disorders, such as vitiligo the relationship between the body and the mind can be especially important. This is because many times, patients with vitiligo also have underlying emotional problems that can affect their symptoms and the success of treatments for vitiligo. These psychological factors must be addressed along with the physical symptoms in order to truly see benefits from medicinal treatments. While physical conditions are still physical first and foremost, and must be treated as such, combining doctor-prescribed treatment with psychological treatments, including therapy, for example, may make the medical approach more effective.

Recouleur® Founder Audrey VanStockum and Skin Deep Author Dr. Ted Grossbart
Recouleur® creator Audrey VanStockum and Dr. Ted Grossbart at a Vitiligo Support conference

There are three main types of mind-skin connections that can affect those who suffer from skin disorders. The first is psychophysiological, which means that the skin disorder is physiological, but symptoms can be brought on or made worse by psychological factors, such as stress. Another type is primary psychiatric, which means that the skin condition is a symptom of psychiatric disorder. An example of this kind of disorder is body dysmorphic disorder, in which patients see flaws in their body that are not really there or exaggerate minor flaws. The third type of connection is secondary psychiatric, which means that a physiological skin disorder causes a patient to have emotional problems because the symptoms are so disrupting to their lifestyles or cause major cosmetic problems. Vitiligo is one disease that falls into this category. Patients suffering from this physiological disorder may also experience psychological problems including anxiety or depression as a result of their symptoms. Because stress and anxiety can also weaken the body’s immune system, which may play a role in the development of vitiligo, the disorder can also become psychophysiological at times, with symptoms being brought on by the stress. This cycle can be hard to break with only traditional treatments for vitiligo.

Once you recognize the strong connection between the mind and the body, the next step is to use that relationship in order to find ways to treat your symptoms while also improving your state of well-being. This can be done by treating psychological factors as well as physical ones. For example, those with depression need to address this condition by taking anti-depressant medication or attending therapy rather than only relying on treatment of their physical symptoms to improve their mental condition as well. There are also relaxation techniques and self-treatments that can help to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mental well-being, which in turn can help improve one’s immune system and physical well-being. These techniques include hypnosis, which can be done clinically or by yourself, relaxation and/or meditation, and psychotherapy. By treating the psychological side of the disorder, whether it is a cause or an effect, patients will have a better chance of successfully treating the physical skin disorder including vitiligo itself. Once emotional barriers are broken and underlying issues are addressed, real progress for improving your skin condition can begin. To fully explore the mind body skin connection, we recommend Skin Deep by Ted Grossbart.

Recouleur® Becomes New Sole Source of Skin Deep Book by Dr. Ted Grossbart

Recouleur® offers vitamins and products to help people cope with vitiligo and other skin conditions, and has purchased all remaining copies of Dr. Ted Grossbart’s book, Skin Deep

PROSPECT HEIGHTS (March 2016) – Recouleur® is a website committed to providing the very best vitamins and supplements to help people manage vitiligo, a condition in which pigment is lost from the skin, creating white patches with no definitive cause. One of the best resources for dealing with this condition and many others is Skin Deep, a book by Dr. Ted Grossbart. The popular book is now out of print after its publisher Health Press closed down. To preserve the book and guarantee their users access to it, Recouleur® has now purchased the entire Skin Deep inventory from Health Press.

Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin Book
Recognize stress in your life, learn to reduce and control it, understand how it can exacerbate vitiligo and other skin conditions. “Skin Deep” by Ted Grossbart is a mind body program for healthy skin.

Recouleur® is now the exclusive vendor of Skin Deep by Ted Grossbart. Originally published in 1992, this book has helped tens of thousands of people with vitiligo, eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems. As she was planning her retirement, Health Press founder Kathleen Frazier knew Skin Deep wasn’t anywhere near ready to wind down. The only company she thought of to continue the important work of helping stubborn skin problems was Recouleur®, “Having done business for years with Recouleur® I know they deeply care about their customers and skin health.” she commented.

Skin Deep: A Mind & Body Program for Healthy Skin is an actionable alternative for individuals who have been failed by specialists, cutting edge techniques and technologies and are actively looking for a different approach to skin disorders. The book provides that approach, and Recouleur®’s vitamins for vitiligo is a recommended product for use in conjunction with the book.

A spokesperson for www.Recouleur®.com explained, “We are thrilled to be able to help people retain access to this invaluable resource for a wide range of skin conditions, and we were grateful to be approached by Health Press’ founder to carry the torch for this title as Health Press ceased trading. The book is known for being a great textual resource on steps individuals can take, while our best-selling products are proven to support the journey the book will take people on.”

About Recouleur®: Recouleur® is a Chicago based company founded in 2003 that is dedicated to helping vitiligo patients find supplements that help with their skin condition. They also offer helpful tips to guide people who struggle with confidence when dealing with vitiligo. The site is regularly updated with new articles and resources together with the latest and best products and vitiligo supplements.

Combination Therapy for Vitiligo Treatment


Combination Therapy to Treat Vitiligo is Using Two or More Vitiligo Treatments

Using two or more vitiligo treatments at the same time, is combination therapy. Although vitiligo it is not curable, it is possible to slow the effects of the disease, as well as reverse some of the loss of pigment in the skin. It is helpful to use a combination of treatments, such as a doctor-prescribed treatment along with natural vitiligo treatment; in fact, it has been proven that patients often have the best repigmentation results when they choose combination therapy.

Studies have shown that vitiligo is often linked to deficiencies in certain vitamins. One natural vitiligo treatment option for sufferers can be certain vitamin and mineral supplements. Recouleur® vitamins for vitiligo are designed to balance out the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are often present in vitiligo patients. Taking this natural vitiligo treatment along with doctor-prescribed treatments, such as phototherapy or topical creams, can help to both slow the progress of the disease as well as add pigment back to the skin.

For example, phototherapy can be used in conjunction with vitamins for vitiligo. Data has shown that phototherapy by itself can reduce a person’s level of riboflavins, carotenoids, vitamin E, and folate. While this doctor-prescribed treatment may be help treat vitiligo, it can also be contribute to the deficiencies associated with the disease. Therefore, taking supplements of these vitamins and minerals while undergoing phototherapy vitiligo treatment will ensure that patients maintain a normal level of these important vitamins and minerals. When used in combination, this natural vitiligo treatment has shown to cause repigmentation in vitiligo patients.

In a study by Juhlin and Olsson, out of 100 patients who were given oral supplements of folic acid and vitamin B12 and were encouraged to also use phototherapy to treat vitiligo, more than half experienced repigmentation. In a 2006 study, nine patients underwent phototherapy sessions while also taking regular doses of vitamin B12, vitamin C, and folic acid. All of the patients involved in the study experienced either good or excellent results at the end of 2 to 8 months.

A healthy, natural vitiligo treatment is to take vitamins made specifically to supplement for the deficiencies often found in vitiligo sufferers. By taking a regimen of Recouleur® vitamins along with other treatments prescribed by a doctor, such as phototherapy, patients can not only slow the progress of vitiligo, but also experience repigmentation in their skin.