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Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray Air Stocking Terra-Cotta 57g (2 Oz.) – BOGO now!

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Easily conceal your vitiligo with our Camouflage Makeup Spray.

People won’t see your vitligo, they’ll see you!

Five skin tones available.

Good for men, women, and children.

Full coverage one step spray makeup to cover up vitiligo, spider veins, tattoos, bruises, and all skin imperfections.

Shake, spray, done!

Flawless finish.

More colors in the large size.

BOGO! Buy One Terra-Cotta, Get One FREE.
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Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray FAQ’s

What is Air Stocking?

A spray on coverage makeup.  It can be used anywhere on the body and looks good on legs and arms. It will easily temporarily cover vitiligo white spots as well as spider veins, bruises, and other skin imperfections. This formula combines hydrolyzed silk, a special blend of amino acids, and green tea extract (antioxidant and to firm legs). Flawless finish. Hypoallergenic.

Is Air Stocking similar to a bronzer, self tanner, or skin dye?

No, it is really unlike anything you may have seen on the market to date. It does not contain Dihydroxy Acetone (DHA) the active ingredient in self tanners which vitiligo experts state it can interfere with vitiligo treatments.

What are the benefits?

Amino acids, green tea extract and caffeine combine to create a firming tonic that keeps your legs looking great. There are moisturizers too which keeps your skin beautiful and well-hydrated. If you want to wear sandals, show off your pedicure, wear short sleeves, Air Stocking lets you do it all with more confidence.

Is it compatible with a vitiligo treatment?

Yes.  Some people simply choose to use camouflage makeup every day or occasionally. Going to the beach or pool, wearing shorts or short sleeve tops can make people with vitiligo feel exposed. Air Stocking lets you enjoy seeing one color.  Do not wear while undergoing phototherapy as the light will not reach the skin.

How does it work?

Air Stocking covers an uneven skin tone, spider veins, bruises, tattoos, vitiligo – almost anything on your skin you want to cover.

Who can use Air Stocking Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup?

Men, women, and children.

Can Air Stocking be used on the face?

Yes.  It may make lines and wrinkles more pronounced. Spray lightly on these surfaces.

Does it adhere to clothing even after it dries?

Air Stocking will not adhere to clothing once it is dry. The requisite 3 minutes to dry before getting dressed are important to prevent transfer to your clothing during that time.

Does it come off if it is raining or I start perspiring?

No, it is formulated to be water and perspiration resistant. So it should be transfer-free, even on the rainiest or hottest days of the year. To make it last longer, do not soap the camouflaged areas when bathing. Pat dry, do not rub. It can last several days.

How do I apply it?

It is easy to apply. Just shake the can 10 or so times. Spray in small circles approximately 7 inches from your skin.  Do not spread. It takes about 3 minutes to dry.

How do I remove it?

With soap and water.

1 review for Vitiligo Camouflage Makeup Spray Air Stocking Terra-Cotta 57g (2 Oz.) – BOGO now!

  1. Fannietra Donald

    Air Stocking is a phenomenal makeup spray I cannot be without. This spray is the best I’ve seen in the market for camouflaging skin imperfections. It’s so easy to use and provides beautiul coverage with any types of unwanted skin imperfections. The absolute best!!!

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