What is Camouflage Makeup Spray or Air Stocking?


Air Stocking is a spray makeup. Envision a spray-paint can that mists skin-colored foundation onto your body.

To apply it, shake the can. Spray it on your skin. Let it dry.

Camouflage Makeup spray is easy to use shake and spray
This spray makeup covers vitiligo, spider veins, tattoos, bruises and all skin imperfections. Use on feet, legs, arms, elbows, hands, chest, back – anywhere you have something you want to cover.

This cover up makeup is water resistant. It will not come off when wet. You can wear it swimming or in the rain. Pat dry, do not rub.  If you rub it while wet, it will come off.

To remove it, wash with soap and water. Read more in our FAQs.

Camouflage Makeup Spray Air Stocking easily conceals vitiligo, tattoos, and other skin imperfections.  It takes less steps compared to other camouflage cosmetics.

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